Friday, February 28, 2014

February bags, and coming up in March

Daytime sewing at the February meeting.

We love the lightweight easy-to-maneuver tables.

The wonderful caretaker at the church puts all the tables out for us, and puts them all away after our meeting.
The Valentines Bag Swap was not enthusiastically embraced this year.  I got a few complaints about the zipper instructions.  But the wallets that WERE done were just grand!

This is what I brought home from the table.  Nice.  Now I can smell like a girl.  :-)

The meeting on March 12th:
Thelma Vickers will be doing a small trunk show and discussing colour in scrappy quilts.  She was an avid gardener in her younger days, then moved on to art:  painting flowers mostly with watercolours.  Today she makes scrap quilts, using her knowledge to bring the quilts to life.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Scrappy Club

It seems that most of the Scrappy Gals were at home shoveling out their driveways.  Out of 18 (?) members only five showed up.  The worst part was - the gal who usually BAKES for us didn't make it.  We had to lower our standards and eat grocery store cookies.  Boo.