Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hand Quilting Bribe

Click on the picture to see the bounty I shared with the girls yesterday: fresh picked cherries. Tonight I will be bringing a cottage pudding with lemon sauce to share. Come with a little appetite - it serves 6. :-)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the Fair Quilt

C'mon out and help with the Fair quilt! Contact Monica for next week's hours - I will be quilting Monday and Tuesday evenings (if you're interested in the 'hornet' story).

The 'key-per' (Monica for next week) seems to bring nice cold water for us.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hand Quilting on the Caledonia Fair Quilt

The quilt has been put up at the Fairgrounds and we've started quilting. Finally!
Sorry, Lorraine, I caught you with your eyes closed. Bad photography seems to be my claim to fame.

Lois is co-ordinating the schedule. Please contact her if you can help out. It's warm up in the quilting room, so wear cool clothes. Bring your own little scissors, needles (although some needles are available there too) and your personal quilting tools (thimble, pliers, needle puller, martini {oops, wrong blog}, whatever).

Some of the gals from the Fair Board came up to take a peek after their meeting last night. They were all impressed with the quilt and quite excited about the prospect of a finished beauty like this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 10 meeting

I appear to be the WORST photographer in the world. I'm sorry about that. Here are the winners of the Dirty Dozen Challenge.

1st - Anne

2nd - Ann

3rd - Mary

Hon. Mention - Lydia

Hon. Mention - Irene (our fearless leader)

We had an excellent pot luck supper to finish off the season - many thanks to all the cooks. We also had our huge lot of raffle draws. I won the crock pot! Thanks for your hard work all year long, Lydia.

For July and August we will get together for sewing only - no meeting. Cost per person will be $5 and we will meet on our normal day: 2nd Wednesday, from 9:30-ish 'till 5-ish. VISITORS ARE WELCOME (but it will cost you $5, too).